Friday, May 7, 2021


Artwork : Mdladla MO "Stlama sama Piano"

This is a beautiful song of all seasons about a happy feeling of having a hangover from over parting and wanting more the next day.It took Mdladla a  long time this one right. Initially the first version was created by his late producer Thokozane Mahlangu as a native new age kwaito jam  in 2009, and they did a video for it  with bomb production and his brother Sthembiso, a member of his old group Ndrebele civilizations was part of it.

All the efforts that were made to release this song on its original form where invalid as the files of the original composition couldn't be found as the result of the passing of Thokozane his producer and everything had been lost and hope all gone yet He remained hopeful and looked for another means to bring the song to life in honor of his late friend and producer Thokozane. He understood from that point that it was going to be a solo effort and he would have to work alone on it. 

A new process had to take place and procedures where implicated so to revive and recover the song . " I swear , I failed a million times until I  finally met Guru Crew  from " GURU CREW ENTERTAINMENT" .A kwaito group, whose member Zakhele Radebe known as "Mazakaza"  managed to help with this ordeal and find a way to aid the song and add a sub-genre of house "Amapiano" and carefully infused  it with a kwaito touch thus giving birth to STLAMA SAMA PIANO" _ Mdladla .

MDLADLA MO N MO has been a harder worker all his life and believes that nothing will come to you as you m ust go out and try your outmost best to get it ; It took him over a decade with no rest to get things right and get it going  but finally it paid of . He had promised just before Easter that he will drop and he has successfully do so. You can get the track on various digital platforms . A music video is on the  way soon thanks to Many Pour Late and Cardo De Dj for work, they did on it.

you can also stream the song here :  Stlama sama Piano

Friday, April 16, 2021

B.Dee Roots - Heart's Desire ft Dindy & Jay Sax

B.Dee Roots - Heart's Desire ft Dindy & Jay Sax

Heart's Desire by B.Dee Roots ft Dindy & Jay Sax Album Art

Heart's Desire is a soulful, jazzy and funky house song produced by B.Dee Roots who has featured Dindy and Jay Sax who plays a live Saxophone on this track. The song was published on Band camp on the 29th of January 2021.

The instruments used on the song are largely sourced from a software. The variation of the equipment is namely a laptop, speakers, a midi keyboard and a live saxophone. The song was record at Mur Mur Acoustics, a recording studio by DJ Fortee. 

The inspiration behind the song is love with the production looking something like this, B.Dee Roots being the producer of this beautiful song, Dindy on vocals and Jay Sax playing the saxophone. The software that was used to capture all of this magic was Fruity Loops. 

Heart's Desire can be stream on a mix on our YouTube Channel and also B.Dee Roots (Facebook Page). We have come up with a collaborative effort between us and this talented Soulful House Producer/DJ / Vocalist which will see us drop 48 episodes of mixes and 12 of his tracks in a course of a year. The opening set will be published today (16/4/2021). We will release mixes every Friday, so If you are a soulful house enthusiastic be on the look out for it. You can stream his song at the opening of this potent mix

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Tebu - Sthandwa Sam ft Hlasi

Tebu - Sthandwa Sam - Hlasi

Album Art for Sthandwa Sam by Tebu ft Hlasi

Sthandwa Sam is a song about appreciation, its a song about acceptance and this case the author of this song (Tebu) appreciates finding love after a number of rejections and unsuccessful relationships before his success with love.

Its a song that articulates everlasting love, the type of love that results into marriage not only just marriage but a happy marriage with nurturing, acceptance, tolerance and most of all embracing all the short falls, failures and accepting those perfect imperfections that truly make everything works for eternity.  

You can preview the song here 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Blaq Pulse X Chamavillian - Senzentoni

Blaq Pulse X Chamavillian - Senzentoni 

A collaboration  by Blaq Pulse and Chamavillian on ' Senzentoni '

This is a song written and composed by Blaq Pulse and ChamaVillian. The formation of this song took Place at Ackerville in Mpumalanga, South Africa. It is categorized  under the genre of  'Afro-House'. The essence of this song is deeply found in the message communicated within and underneath those grooves, beats and soulful arrangements. 

 Senzentoni (What Did We Do) came about in the year 2020 which was the most tragic event in the history of our generation. People lost their jobs and lives due to the Covid Pandemic. After realizing the challenges we are facing as young people as musicians in the arts  we thought a song would do thus this was the results. It's a song which speaks to one who's struggling to get through this very traumatic time and with all the life challenges.

 Carry your faith,  In the end you'll succeed, no matter who says what Usomandla ukhona! You might not have a job today making hard to provide for your love ones, or even saw your business close down as a result of this trying time yet you shall overcome. God will hear your prayers and answer them. You can stream the song here .

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tablet - Old Buck & Ginger

Cape Town born Producer/DJ professionally known as Tablet gives us 'Old Buck & Ginger'

Tablet - Old Buck & Ginger 

This is a song was part of his first projects. The project was constructed by Tablet CPT at his bedroom studio. The name of the track is called "old Buck and Ginger" and it came from the bottle of  Old Buck Gin and the Ginger came from Stoney Ginger Beer.

Old Buck Gin is a A London dry-style gin distilled by Henry Tayler & Ries Ltd., Old Buck is distilled with traditional aromatics, and is described as having a “gorgeous release of clean juniper with cleanliness heightened by some zesty citrus,” according to the International Wine and Spirit Competition. 

Stoney Ginger Beer, or Stoney Tangawizi as it is called in Swahili-speaking Africa, is a ginger beer soft-drink sold in several countries across the African continent. The product, sold in a brown bottle or can, is made and distributed by The Coca-Cola Company.

 " I Was with Zikhona at that time drinking that's where the name came about… The song inspiration came from Mr Thela the producer at Shaya records, as I have said the song was made by me (Tablet_cpt) I was the producer that combined the instruments using FL studio 20.5. I used common plugins like GMS NEXUS AND PURITY…. Still I wanted to do more because I got carried away by the cords and crying melody. That's all I can say about the song"_ Tablet 

You can preview the song here 


Monday, April 12, 2021

Eager - Facts/Freestyle

Eager - Facts/ Freestyle

Cover by Music Marketing Geeks for the artists 'Eager- Facts/Freestyle'

The song 'facts' came to his mind when he kept seeing that many artists are not working for the awards that they are getting, in short they buy awards. All they do is sound like artists that are already established in the industry. The is a lack of creativity and innovation in most of the work that is being out to the public and that has created a stagnant industry of a "copy and paste" culture. 

This is the introduction of himself to the industry and telling his story through melodies and beats that really and truly accommodate his style of music. " I have to tell them where I come from and where I am heading with the sound that I created on that song". He adds.

All I want for people to get out of this is song, is the fact that it is very important to make a jaw dropping song and always leave people wondering about the creative process and all the statutes and dynamics that makes up the song or the sound that you present to them.  

Sibusiso Twala, Stage name Eager from Soweto Meadowlands, Zone 5 brings you this single taken from his Album 'Lesson'. It is an expression of all his thoughts, actions, desires, dreams and fears. You can preview this song here . 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Try This Method To Monetize Your Mix As A DJ

Try This Method To Monetize Your Mix As A DJ

The past couple of months have granted me an opportunity to work with some of the most amazing deejays in my hometown, country, and internationally. I started a YouTube channel called eMalahleni Deejays BestMixes 2020 with hopes to launch an entity that will be used as a platform for mixes/sets to be easily allocated by people all over the world focusing on South African brewed and key music such as kwaito, gqom, amapiano and etc. The general idea is to connect with people all over the world and try to get gigs for some of the deejays that feature on my channel via this concept.


DJs and More is a platform where we share different ideas and strategies that can help bring about a way that can help DJs monetize their work. It happened that as a lot of deejays sent their links to allocate their sets which were mostly in an mp3 format and hosted by various sites for downloads, I started to notice a pattern of the following:


Most of the songs were copyrighted  and sometimes that led to the content being blocked by YouTube,

  Monetization is NO OPTION as the content already belongs to another creator,

    As a Third Party in this matter, I was faced with the possibility of my channel getting a Copyright Strike,

      Most of the rights and licenses barely favor anyone outside of a creator, which is fairly the reason, and as for

   Fair Use, we can barely use much of it in this case.

This led me to research and develop this strategy as a result. Here is the strategy, I have come to notice that YouTube allows links on your description so that helped me to realize that you can’t take credit for the songs on the mix but you can take credit for the set which you have compiled or play. That is where our monetization system is rooted.


 Link shortening sites/shorten links


These are sites that will shorten your links to give you cleaner and shorter links to share with your audience. Some of these sites are free and others will pay you per number of visitors but today we will focus on those that will pay you.  How will that get our mix to monetize OR even more where do we begin? Well, follow these steps and get your mix/set monetized.




Step 1: Find a file hosting site


This really depends on the browser that you are using on your device. ‘Firstly, go to the SEARCH ENGINE then search for file hosting sites, where you can upload your mix to get a link.


Step 2: Link shortening sites


As I have stated before, you can find a lot of file shortening sites using your search engine and I will share some of them with you. 




Here is my Top 3 list:


1. Shrinkearn


This site pays anything from $20 to $3 per 1000 views depending on the location of the audience.


Minimum Payout: $3


Payment Frequency: Daily


Payment Methods: PayPal, WebMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, PaySera, UPI, and Bank Transfer


How to Share our links on Facebook?


To post our shorten links on Facebook without any problem please use or or any free online notepad sites for more info. please watch this video




This site pays anything from $20 to $3 per 1000 views depending on the location of the audience.


Minimum Payout: $3


Payment Frequency: Daily


Payment Methods: PayPal, WebMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, PaySera, UPI, and Bank Transfer


3. Payskip


Fixed Payout rates / 1000 Visits


This site pays anything from $12 to $0.35 per 1000 views depending on the location of the audience.




Step 3: Find traffic for your link


You can go for paid OR free traffic; it really depends on you at this point. You need to make sure that your work reaches people so that you can increase your visitors list to get a better payment.




Free Traffic source includes:






Facebook (which often restrict sharing these types of links)
















Paid Traffic source Includes:


Google Ads


Facebook Ads


Paid Ads




Step 4: Recommendation


Most of the time, mixes are hosted on sites as MP3 for downloads but here is a trick that can really help you. Start a YouTube channel for your mixes then uploads them on that channel as MP4. This will allow you to have the link on the description and get you more visitors. What is the benefit of doing this you ask? Well, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google so that can give you a chance to get better traffic.




Step 5: Get paid for visitors


Whenever downloads reach a certain number of visitors that will grant you an opportunity to receive payment. You can easily set up a payment system and get paid through passive income.   This means you will only do the work once and set up everything to get paid for a lifetime.




This is one of the strategies that I truly believe can work and has unlimited potential yet the results may not be typical and whom so ever gives this try stands a great chance to profit out of it.


Artwork : Mdladla MO "Stlama sama Piano" This is a beautiful song of all seasons about a happy feeling of having a hangover from o...