Monday, April 12, 2021

Eager - Facts/Freestyle

Eager - Facts/ Freestyle

Cover by Music Marketing Geeks for the artists 'Eager- Facts/Freestyle'

The song 'facts' came to his mind when he kept seeing that many artists are not working for the awards that they are getting, in short they buy awards. All they do is sound like artists that are already established in the industry. The is a lack of creativity and innovation in most of the work that is being out to the public and that has created a stagnant industry of a "copy and paste" culture. 

This is the introduction of himself to the industry and telling his story through melodies and beats that really and truly accommodate his style of music. " I have to tell them where I come from and where I am heading with the sound that I created on that song". He adds.

All I want for people to get out of this is song, is the fact that it is very important to make a jaw dropping song and always leave people wondering about the creative process and all the statutes and dynamics that makes up the song or the sound that you present to them.  

Sibusiso Twala, Stage name Eager from Soweto Meadowlands, Zone 5 brings you this single taken from his Album 'Lesson'. It is an expression of all his thoughts, actions, desires, dreams and fears. You can preview this song here . 

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